Face Painting for Children

Face Painting

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 Face Painting is a wonderful art that transforms your child’s face in minutes giving them the most wonderful surprise when they look in the mirror! Tigers, butterflies and Spidermen are the favourites but we do our best to create whatever design your child requests!

We can paint an average of 10-12 faces per hour depending on the designs (basic or complex) requested so please bear this in mind when
deciding how long to book us for. We are happy to provide a team of artists for larger bookings.

Please note that face painting on under 3’s is not recommended; however we can sometimes offer the younger ones a small design on their hand or arm at the discretion of the face painter.

We only use water-based, high-quality professional make-up. This paints are hypoallergenic and comply with stringent EEC and FDA cosmetic guidelines. The best way to wash off our face paint is to simply use water and mild soap! All equipment is thoroughly cleaned after each booking.

Facepainting is suitable for the following events:

  -  opening partys
  -  exhibitions
  -  birthday celebrations
  -  child birthday partys
  -  weddings
  -  Halloween
  -  street parties, etc..

We speak

 English, German, Luxembourgish and French.

Duration of activity

 2 hours at least.


 A 2x2 meters place is needed at least. We do need a table (at least 0,5m  x 1,5m) with cover (that may become dirty) and 2 chairs (per artist). The spot has to be more quiet and bright and we need to have a good access to some water (bathroom, water-tap...). During big events where you´ll expect many children please think about a good system to respect the line order, for example stamps with numbers. Please also do inform us, if you need posters and signs to indicate the stand.